Loyalty Program




Measurable, Targeted & Profitable

  • Historical data shows that a 5% cash reward increased spending by 15%-20% for customers enrolled in a loyalty program.
  • Compel between 10% and 20% of lapsed customers to visit at least one time during the promotional period.
  • Data supports that members returning to redeem the offer spent 70% more, net of reward, than the store’s average check.
  • Even better, about 50% of those guests returned to their previous visit rate and remained in the program for at least 10 more months.


What is “NET OF REWARD”?

Keeping It Local refers to spending increases, excluding the price of the rewards, as “Net of Reward”. For example, if a check sub-total for a party of two is $100 and guest received a 10% cash reward, the amount spent, net of reward, is $90.00. If your average check for a party of two is $60, the increase in amount spent, “net of reward”, would be calculated as follows:




Local Merchants get results with 3 easy steps:


STEP 1 – Enroll existing and new customers

  • Your customers enroll with their EXISITING Credit or Debit (Visa/MC/Amex, etc) cards already in their wallets.
  • You also have the option of distributing branded “loyalty cards” with cash rewards to only be used at your business.

STEP 2 – Target and Motivate with Cash Rewards $

  • We provide your business with multi-platform advertising designs for your website, emails, text alerts and mobile app offerings of your products or services, at no extra cost.
  • Announce your offering, such as 10% cash rewards for any purchase of $20.

STEP 3 – Monitor Spending Behavior, then target top 20%

  • Measure Frequency, Basket Size, Sale, Recency & Repeat.
  • Score your customers, understand their spending behavior and tailor make the perfect offers.



  • No staff training
  • No coupons, or vouchers
  • No distribution needed
  • No marketing costs


  • Convenient
    Easy acquisition as consumers use their existing credit or debit card.
  • Local favorites
    From restaurants to spas to experiential offers, we target relevant customers based on their spending behavior.


  • Instant
    Consumers swipe their card & receive a receipt and within seconds receive credit & communication through email or text message.
  • Loyalty
    Consumers grow to expect the monthly residual rewards that come in the form of cash directly into their bank accounts.