Local Partners

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We are looking for local partners wanting to leverage their untapped data asset to engage consumers with relevant offers that drive profit.
The Keeping It Local Card-Linked Offer Platform is customizable with your brand and image.
We partner with organizations such as Chamber of Commerce, Visitors Bureau, Media & Print companies and other end-user related companies.

Keeping It Local Partner Marketing Platform:

  • Acquire new active consumers for your member merchants or advertisers through a branded platform.
  • Use our “works with existing debit & credit cards” solution or brand your own closed-loop cards.
  • Replace existing marketing costs into card-linked, merchant-funded revenue streams.
  • Customizable payment network to create a closed-community loop environment.
  • Multiple launch options.
  • Meets the industry’s highest compliance standards for security.


Whatever launch option, we have the flexibility to deliver.

  • We will brand and customize your Card-Linked Offer web directory; we match your websites color scheme and brand.
  • We will manage your enrollment and offering pages
  • You’ll receive full access to an agent login to manage & monitor your program.


The Keeping It Local platform offers partners and their cardholders the best redemption experience possible.

  • When a consumer swipes a card to redeem an offer or register a cash reward, that value is instantly posted to their rewards account and the cash-back is ready to spend on a 30 day cyclical basis.
  • Consumer receives one large amount every month and can monitor their growing cash rewards through 24/7 online access.

Multi-platform advertising.

Our multi-platform advertising approach ensures that the local offers coincide with the preferences and behaviors of all types of consumers.

  • Cardholders find out about deals and incentives via a customized web directory (Your Brand), mobile app (a white-label application for iOS and Android), and email/text messages.

Retention & Profitable.

Our Keeping It Local platform is the retail loyalty’s best answer to leveling the playing field against large non-locally owned merchants that are aggressively pursuing your customers.

  • Make your brand or organization the most important in their business.
  • Increase revenue with increased spend frequency, basket size and higher deposits (cash back).

Fiscally Responsible. Keeping It Local's business model has a positive economic impact back to communities. A study by Civic Economics indicated similar numbers to the graph below.